Strathmartine Press

The object of the Press is to publish shorter, high-quality books in Scottish History.  Ideally our publications will be between 25,000 and 50,000 words.

While we welcome proposals on any aspect of Scottish History, the Press is particularly interested in publishing new research in Scottish Local History.  Should you wish to discuss a potential publication with us, please contact: Formal proposals should be made by using the Application Form (see below).

Applications can be made at any time, although formal approval for any proposal may take some months. 

Completed manuscripts should be received by the Press within twelve months of being approved.  At this stage the manuscript will be sent out to expert readers.  If necessary, authors will then be invited to consider and make any changes the readers and/or the Press recommend.  Once this is done and the text is approved, a formal contract will be issued.  Provided our authors submit their manuscript in accordance with Press requirements (see Guidance for Authors below), the Press aims to have approved titles published within twelve months.

• Click here to download Strathmartine Press Guidance for Authors

• Click here to download Strathmartine Press Application Form

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