Grants and Awards

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The Strathmartine Trust offers a range of grants and awards. These are: the Strathmartine Grants, the Sandeman Grants, and the biennial Marinell Ash Award.

Please note that grant applications for this year are now closed; award decisions will be made during August 2024. Any general enquires regarding the awards schemes should be emailed to

The Strathmartine Grants

The Strathmartine Grants are awarded with the primary object of supporting research and education in Scottish History. The Trustees seek applications for grants of up to £5,000 to assist with the completion of existing projects and to aid publication.

Sandeman Grants 

The Trustees seek applications for modest grants from the Sandeman Fund which is available to assist research in the field of early medieval Scottish History, either on documentary sources which relate to the history of Scotland before 1100 AD, or in cognate fields of historical research such as place names and art and archaeology of the peoples of early Scotland (including Scots, Britons, Picts and Vikings).

Marinell Ash Award 

Applications are invited for a single award of £500 (or the US or Canadian Dollar equivalent) from The Marinell Ash Fund which is available to offer travel and study grants to a person studying any aspect of Scottish or North American History either as a post graduate student at any University or College whether in Scotland or elsewhere, or as an independent scholar. Please note that this grant is awarded biennially and the next submission deadline will be in 2026.