Arbroath Abbey and Its Abbots published

The Strathmartine Press is delighted to announce the publication of Arbroath Abbey and Its Abbots by Ishbel Barnes.

This book describes how religious worship in Angus developed from Pictish Christianity into the new Roman faith encouraged by the foundation of the abbey in 1178, richly endowed by King William. The development of the abbey’s estates and wealth through the centuries, its influence on the men and women living on the abbey’s lands, and the reasons for the abbey’s centrality to medieval Scottish politics, religion and education are all thoroughly explored, ending with a discussion of the sixteenth-century Scottish Reformation, and the parts played by the abbots, the abbey and its religious community in that religious and political revolution.

Dr Ishbel Barnes spent her professional career in the National Archives of Scotland. She is the author of numerous publications on archival subjects, translated into many languages, and has continued to conduct personal research on Scottish history with several publications including a book, Janet Kennedy, Marriage and Divorce at the courts of James IV and V.

Arbroath Abbey and Its Abbots is available on Amazon or directly from the Strathmartine Centre