Publications for Sale

Books for sale from the Strathmartine Trust

In addition to the publications of the Strathmartine Press, the Strathmartine Centre also has a small range of publications for sale, written by researchers connected to the Trust. These can be purchased direct from the Centre’s office, or can be posted out at an additional cost of £3 postage and packing.

Reid, Norman H. Alexander III, First Among Equals (Edinburgh, 2019) (£40)

Cant, R.G. The University of St Andrews, A Short  History (The Strathmartine Trust, 2002) (£14)

Crawford, Barbara E. ed. Church, Chronicle and Learning in Medieval and Early Renaissance Scotland, Conference proceedings presented to Professor D.E.R.Watt (The Mercat Press, 1999) (£5)

Hulse, Elizabeth, ed. Thinking with Both Hands: Sir Daniel Wilson in the Old World and the New (University of Toronto Press, 1999) (£5)

McKay, Alex Cullykhan, Troup Castle and Fort Fiddes (Banffshire Field Club, 2017) (£18)