Pittenweem Priory book out now

The Strathmartine Press is delighted to announce the publication of Pittenweem Priory by R. Anthony Lodge.

Pittenweem Priory has a history stretching back to the 12th century, when it was established as a manorial base for a priory on the Isle of May, a daughter-house of Reading Abbey. The priory was transferred to the great Augustinian priory of St Andrews in the 14th century, after which the island community was disbanded. The manorial function continued in Pittenweem, however, and by the mid-15th century a small monastic community in its own right had been established there, which was maintained for over a century until after the Protestant reformation. This is the first full-scale treatment of the priory’s history, with meticulous research marrying archival, archaeological and architectural evidence to produce a work which seamlessly binds together the rich religious, political and social history of the community in both local and national contexts.

Anthony Lodge is Emeritus Professor of French Language in the University of St Andrews, and is an internationally-celebrated author, particularly on the development of French and the dialects of France. He has spent much of his retirement immersed in the history of Fife, and, in particular, of the Augustinian priory in Pittenweem, close to his home, about which surprisingly little seemed to be known.

ISBN: 978-0-9955441-1-6
£14.99 (+£3 p&p (UK))
pp.23+273; 46 b/w illustrations

The book may be purchased through Amazon.co.uk, or directly from the publisher by email to office@strathmartinetrust.org

Pittenweem Priory by R Anthony Lodge, cover
Pittenweem Priory by R Anthony Lodge, cover